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The full spectrum of your digital sales

Let us help your team to get an accurate picture of the state of your digital sales – and how to get ahead the competition

State of Digital Sales


When you’ve decided it’s time for something better, but don't know yet exactly what going from good to great should look like. Our State of Digital Sales is a fully tailored package for accelerating your digital business on the levels of customer experience, technology and business capabilities.

With the State of Digital Sales, you will
  • Get clarity and focus to your digital sales operations and development
  • Ensure organisational buy-in and align your team behind common goals
  • Allocate time and investments based on validated insight
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Get to know how we helped Terveystalo

“Costa Commerce helped Terveystalo to identify barriers for digital growth and provided a spark to my team to reach new heights. Happy to recommend Costa to set a pace for any company's digital sales.”

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This is what we'll do together

The State of Digital Sales gives you a set of development areas as well as concrete action points for pushing new levers and removing friction from your growth journey. Ever wished for an opportunity to get external insight and solutions to your daily wrestles? This is it.

How does it look like?


We’ll set the stage and find out the focus of the analysis & plan together

Current state

We’ll dig into your business goals and target customers

Deep dive to data

Our team identifies and studies your challenges and opportunities, digs deeper – and sketches the action plan

Solution ideas

We’ll ideate solutions on the recognised challenges and opportunities

Defining the roadmap

Evaluating the impact and effort of new solutions and putting them on timeline


We’ll walk through the findings and roadmap, and make sure you have all resources and skills to start executing the plan

What is in the deliverables?

Key development areas

Analysis of full commercial customer journey and recognised key development areas, elaborated further with actionable insights.

Low hanging fruits

Concrete tactical ideas to improve the commercial customer journey within and across the channels, from first awareness to repeat business.

Technological enablers

Analysis of current growth tech stack, and opportunities from front-end to underlying platforms and tools

Business capability review

Suggested operating model and ways of working, needed skills and optimal team composition

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